Self Care is a Necessity

One thing I have learned while living in Los Angeles is the importance of self-care. Before I moved here, I sorta exercised and really didn’t eat healthy at all. After my first year of graduate school, I started spinning at a place called Flywheel. I instantly fell in love with it, and how I felt once, I completed a class. If I went into a class angry or frustrated, I would take it out on the bike and I would leave refreshed. Spinning allowed me to start to think about what I was eating, and it caused me to change my diet. I started trying to eat balanced meals and cooking more. Once I graduated graduate school, I started cooking even more and going to spinning. Recently, I started going to yoga at a place called YogaWorks.

Self-care really saved my sanity during graduate school, and it made me value exercising and eating healthy. This past week, I came up with an Instagram post called Wellness Wednesday. It was right before my favorite yoga class and I was enjoying a green juice.


Today, I decided to go spinning for the first time in a few months. I forgot how much I enjoyed it and the focus and feeling of success you feel once you survive the 45-min class. I’ve found that with spinning and yoga that I really need to like the teacher in order to enjoy the class. If you’re trying to get into exercising more, I encourage you to find a teacher you like and then exercising won’t be as tedious of a task.

Here’s a funny video about juicing:

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