Foodie Fun

As I am working on this blog, I keep realizing that I do not post enough about my foodie adventures. I love food so much, that I tend to eat things I know will make me sick. This is crazy I know, but I have to try everything. About a week ago, I went to a restaurant called Arts Table in Santa Monica, CA. It is a super cute restaurant in a part of Santa Monica that I had never ventured to before. I love the outdoor seating at this restaurant and the vibe the restaurant gives off. I ordered an Adult Root beer and the Pork Belly. The Pork Belly is possibly one of the best dishes that I have ever ordered while I have lived in LA. The pork was cooked perfectly, it was served on a flavorful bed of sweet potatoes gratin, and the red wine sauce and chopped pears and apples were perfect. I enjoyed all aspects of this dish, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in or visiting Santa Monica. Also, I think that everything on the menu looks phenomenal, so I do not think there is a bad dish at this place.


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