Period Thoughts

When most people think about 2015, they think about how much progress has been made in a variety of arenas, especially technology and different policies; however, there hasn’t been as much progress, as we would like to think. One of these areas that is lacking progress is the stigma around menstruation. This is still a taboo topic in 2015 in the media and society. Billions of women get their period every month, so why is it still like this?

In industrialized counties, we at least have access to the supplies to mediate some of the uncomfortable side affects of our periods, but in third world countries they still do not have access to basic feminine hygiene products. This forces them to miss school, which affects their futures and able to achieve what they are able achieve.

There are many interesting organizations trying to address issues around periods, one is THINX, which is working to fight the stigma in developing and industrialized countries. Another is AFRIpads, which provides reusable pads to women who need them.

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