About two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to visit one of my friends from Chicago, who just moved to Palo Alto for graduate school. When I first arrived up north, we immediately toured Stanford, so she could show me where she goes to school. I was truly impressed at how beautiful the campus is and how large the school is.

After we explored campus for hours, we ended up at a great sushi place in Palo Alto called Fuki Sushi. We shared the Albacore Tataki (1), which was delicious and the perfect appetizer. Then I had the Chicken Teriyaki (2), which is a staple in Japanese Food. Then to top off the meal, I had the Scallop Tempura Roll (3). All of the food was delicious and the service was excellent!

On Saturday, we went into San Francisco and wondered around the entire city. We started at the Ferry Building, and we explored the market and all of the different stands. We ended up going to the Craftsman & Wolves stand, and we tried the Rebel Within (1). The Rebel Within is the most unique muffin that I have ever tried; there is a soft-boiled egg in the center and green onion, sausage, and Asiago mixed into the dough. The Rebel Within is served with Tabasco salt, but I am horrible with spicy things so I did not try it. It was simply delicious and definitely worth a try if you are in the area. Then we tried a bunch of different fruit samples that different stands were handing out, and they were all refreshing and yummy. When we decided it was time for lunch, we stopped at the Hog Island Oyster Co. stand and got some oysters (2). They were reasonably priced and very fresh.

The Rebel Within                                      Oysters

While we were at the Ferry Building, I could not help but notice how beautiful it was outside and I ended up taking a picture of the Ferry Building. Seriously, I am a sucker for crystal blue skies, so I take tons of pictures that show off the sky.


Once we finished the Oysters we headed to Chinatown and we meandered in and out of stores, restaurants, and museums. Chinatown in San Francisco is completely different from Chinatown in LA, Chicago, or New York City. I love how it incorporates actual grocery stores, and it isn’t just a tourist destination for dining on authentic cuisine.


For the rest of Saturday, we walked around Union Square and went to a wine bar to relax. We ended up sleeping in on Sunday because we walked over 20,000 steps gallivanting around the city. When we finally decided to get up, we went to an Israeli restaurant called Oren’s Hummus Shop for brunch. Since I have been fortunate enough to go to Israel four times, I have high standards for Israeli food and Oren’s Hummus Shop exceeded all of my expectations. The pita was amazing and the hummus and tahini sauce were scrumptious. I felt as if I was in Israel at a hummus shop off Ben Yehuda Street in Israel. For the main course, we had the Greekstyle Eggplant, Moroccan Carrots, Chicken Skewer, and Labane. All of the sides were amazing and the chicken was cooked perfectly. We also ordered mint tea, which was the perfect way to complete our meal.

After we finished our feast, we walked around downtown Palo Alto and then headed to the airport. It was the perfect weekend trip 🙂

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