One of my favorite things is going to musicals, and last December I was lucky enough to see If/Then on Broadway. I have always been a huge fan of Idina Menzel, so when I finally had the opportunity to see her on Broadway I had to go. This December, If/Then came to Los Angeles with Idina Menzel and four of the original cast members. This musical can resonate with people of all ages; it touches on so many different issues and just the thought of “what if?” I know that as someone in their twenties, I cannot relate to some of the things in the show. But the part of the show that always hits me is the “what if?” because it is honestly one of the biggest questions any twentysomething will have. I enjoy watching and listening to how the characters deal with this perplexing thought, and seeing the outcomes of the parallel storylines. Besides the plot and Idina, the entire cast is amazing and the music is catchy and relatable. I highly recommend this musical!

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