Lighting the Hannukah Candles after the Season 2 Screening

Within the past year, I have started to enjoy all of the unique TV shows that exist due to streaming. One of my absolute favorite TV shows that is only available via Amazon is Transparent. The show is loosely based off the Director, Jill Soloway’s experience with a parent coming out as Trans. The show has an amazing cast, including Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass, and Gaby Hoffmann. The plot is phenomenal, beautiful, and feels very authentic. The show touches on sexuality, maturing, family dynamics, and life in general. Recently, I was a bit too anxious for Season 2 to be released, so I went to a screening for the entire season. Season 2 is by far my favorite of the two, I thought it was filmed beautifully and the plot hit me a lot more than Season 1 did. If you have a good chunk of time this holiday season, I strongly encourage anyone to watch this amazing show.

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