Ktown Hidden Gems #3: Bia Coffee

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My newest edition of Koreatown (Ktown) Hidden Gems is Bia Coffee. Bia in Korean means flower, so the name of the shop translates to Flower Coffee. This is one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve ever been to. On the outside, it just looks very simple and maybe like any other coffee shop, but once you enter you are in a comfortable and friendly shop that mixes coffee and the art of flowers. I love the simple décor in Bia Coffee- the succulents around the shop give it a pop of color in addition to the flowers.

What I love about drinking coffee is the strong coffee flavor, and the instant feeling you get when the rich flavor hits your tongue when I take that first sip. However, at Bia Coffee the coffee flavor feels airier and calming because of the flowers that they put in the coffee. I’ve tried both the Lavender and Rose lattes, and I could taste the hint of Rose or Lavender mixed into the coffee; I love both lattes. The flowers make the coffee feel lighter while you drink it, because Rose and Lavender are light scents and have calming effects. While I do love the strong flavor of coffee, I also appreciate this lighter version of coffee. I like the lavender or rose hint when I take that initial sip- I feel calmer compared to drinking regular coffee. The food at Bia Coffee also looks amazing, and they use natural ingredients that uses flower flavors and which pair nicely with the coffees.

One tip about a Bia Coffee is you should go early, so they have all the ingredients or pastries that you want. Also, parking can be tricky, so make sure to research places to park. If you’re ever on 6th street between Oxford and Western, then you must stop by Bia Coffee!

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