My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

I love learning and podcasts are one of my favorite ways to educate myself and grow. I love how accessible they are and that you can multitask while listening to them. There’s such a variety in topics and goals of podcasts. These are my 10 favorite podcasts:

Girlboss Radio

This is probably one of my favorite podcasts. It is hosted by Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and Girlboss Media, and she interviews different successful career women. Each woman has had an interesting career and has created success in her way. After each episode, I feel energized to master something new or explore a new hobby.  The part that I truly love about this podcast is that with every guest, Sophia asks them what their Girlboss moment of the week was. I love hearing all of the different answers and it just shows how everyone views success in different ways.

Lady Lovin’

I have been a fan of the Lady Lovin’ Podcast since it started. It is hosted by Jilly Hendrix, Lo Bosworth, and Gretta Titelman and it is possibly one of the most hilarious and relatable podcasts I have ever listened to. They always interview interesting people who are doing amazing things, which is inspiring. After every episode, I always think about what I want to do next or how I can improve- for me this is a type of motivation. I also have probably supported every author that’s come on the podcast, I probably have a stack of at least 15 books. Sometimes they talk about topics that are so relevant and I love listening to their advice; it feels like you’re getting advice from older siblings. If you need a good laugh and want to get inspired, then this is the podcast for you. While this podcast is on hiatus, I enjoy relistening to episodes.

The Luscious Hustle Podcast

This is an awesome podcast for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. The podcast is hosted by Betsy Milne and Laura Milne, and they bring a unique perspective to entrepreneurship. They focus on designing the life you want and how to harness different types of energy to thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavor. They interview amazing entrepreneurs, and I love learning from them. After each episode, I always have a list of things to do or think about, and I’m just starting my side hustle!

Almost 30 Podcast

This is a phenomenal podcast for anyone interested in health, wellness, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more! It is hosted by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, and they are HILARIOUS! They have very honest and relevant conversations in each episode, and I love it. All of the topics they discuss are relevant to anyone, so don’t be afraid of the title. No matter what the topic of the episode is, I’m always motivated to improve or try something new. Another cool thing about this podcast is that they are traveling to different cities around the world to host events and engage with listeners. When I lived in LA, I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the events, and they are AMAZING. I can’t wait to see them when they come to Chicago this September! There’s a great energy in the room and there’s nothing better than meeting like-minded people.

Straight Up with Stassi

This is my newest obsession. I’ve always enjoyed Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I recently started watching Vanderpump Rules. Once I learned that Stassi, had a podcast, I had to start from the beginning. I loved listening to the podcast while catching up on the show. I learned more about the show and got to learn from the different guests Stassi has on. She’s hilarious, real and fun. I love listening to the podcast while working or when I just need a break.

Your Biggest Vision

This is a special podcast for me. I have worked with the Leah Gervais for about a year. I’ve found her to be so knowledgeable, inspirational and a great teacher. I’ve done a few programs from her, and she’s the reason I finally figured out what my side hustle should be. When I heard she was coming out with a podcast, I was ecstatic. Leah interviews people I’ve done courses with and other inspirational entrepreneurs. By listening, you will learn from the experts and take pieces of wisdom away.

I Love Wellness with Lo Bosworth

This is Lo Bosworth’s new podcast and I LOVE IT! While there have only been five episodes, I love learning more about wellness. Everyone has a different definition of wellness and this show examines that. I’ve been on my wellness journey and exploring what my definition is, is fascinating.

Influencer Podcast

Want to learn how to be an influencer? Julie Solomon is an expert. She is an incredibly knowledgeable branding and marketing expert-, especially for influencers. She knows about blogging, social media and obviously, podcasting. Julie shares her knowledge and interviews some of the most well-known influencers and entrepreneurs.

Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend

I have been waiting for this to happen for years! Seriously, I was so excited when I heard that Lauren Conrad would be hosting a podcast. I’ve loved listening to all of the interviews and learning from her guests. She talks about everything from how to start a non-profit, which she’s done, to how to plan a party.

Live Your F*ck Yes Life Podcast

Wanna learn about wellness, health, entrepreneurship and how to just be a badass? Amanda will show you the way. Amanda has been on quite a journey and I’m impressed with her vulnerability and drive to live a f*ck yes life. Amanda lives in Chicago too and hosts some awesome workshops with local health and wellness experts. I’ve loved learning and growing from her.

These are my 10 favorite podcasts and I love learning from them. I hope that you enjoy learning from these awesome entrepreneurs too.

Do you have a favorite podcast? I wanna know what it is- comment below with it!

2017 Goals: February Update

2017 Goals: February Update

So I realize this is a bit late- more like half a month (whoops!), but here are my 2017 Goals update for the month of February:

*Goal 1: Exercise more and get better at Cardio

In the month of February, I exercised 12 times! This is by far the most I have ever exercised in one month, so yay me! Along with exercising more I definitely noticed that I’m getting better at cardio and weight training, and I’m really happy about this. I am working really hard to be present mentally and physically during the entire 60-minute class, which has been difficult after a long work day. This is probably going to be my biggest test for 2017 in terms of perseverance and working hard to achieve a goal.

*Goal 2: Go to all 50 states before I turn 30

I booked my trip for state 39- HAWAII for May! I am so excited to go on this trip. I won this trip back in December 2015 and it has taken over a year to book it. I have never been to Hawaii before, and I am so excited to explore and experience it. If you have any tips or recommendations for O’ahu, please comment below with them! After May, I’ll only need 11 more states to accomplish my goal, which is crazy! I’ve really enjoyed exploring the United States and seeing all the different parts and cultures within it.

*Goal 3: Budget and Save Money

Well I did pretty well saving money, but the whole budgeting thing failed. I am going to have to put together a new plan of attack for how to deal with this and be successful. Seriously, this is a major goal for this year and I am really working on achieving it. Two things I did learn about in February were Ebates and Ibotta. Ebates is a website and web browser plug-in that gives you cash back when you shop online at certain stores- so you’re basically getting free money while shopping! Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn money on grocery store purchases (certain items), some restaurants, and stores. If you’re interested in Ebates, make sure to subscribe through the link or button on the right and you’ll get $10 for just signing up! If you’re interested in Ibotta, use the referral code onjumjl for $10. This post is not sponsored by either company, but I think they’re really great tools for earning money on purchases you were already going to make.

*Goal 4: Be more politically active

This is a goal I need to figure out how to achieve or work on. I’ve considered volunteering for an organization or working on a political campaign, but I haven’t figured out what the most effective technique is here.

Stay tuned to see how achieving my goals is going for the rest of the year!

P.S. I promise to post March’s update on time 🙂


Lighting the Hannukah Candles after the Season 2 Screening

Within the past year, I have started to enjoy all of the unique TV shows that exist due to streaming. One of my absolute favorite TV shows that is only available via Amazon is Transparent. The show is loosely based off the Director, Jill Soloway’s experience with a parent coming out as Trans. The show has an amazing cast, including Jeffrey Tambor, Jay Duplass, and Gaby Hoffmann. The plot is phenomenal, beautiful, and feels very authentic. The show touches on sexuality, maturing, family dynamics, and life in general. Recently, I was a bit too anxious for Season 2 to be released, so I went to a screening for the entire season. Season 2 is by far my favorite of the two, I thought it was filmed beautifully and the plot hit me a lot more than Season 1 did. If you have a good chunk of time this holiday season, I strongly encourage anyone to watch this amazing show.



One of my favorite things is going to musicals, and last December I was lucky enough to see If/Then on Broadway. I have always been a huge fan of Idina Menzel, so when I finally had the opportunity to see her on Broadway I had to go. This December, If/Then came to Los Angeles with Idina Menzel and four of the original cast members. This musical can resonate with people of all ages; it touches on so many different issues and just the thought of “what if?” I know that as someone in their twenties, I cannot relate to some of the things in the show. But the part of the show that always hits me is the “what if?” because it is honestly one of the biggest questions any twentysomething will have. I enjoy watching and listening to how the characters deal with this perplexing thought, and seeing the outcomes of the parallel storylines. Besides the plot and Idina, the entire cast is amazing and the music is catchy and relatable. I highly recommend this musical!

Year of YES


Many of us know and are obsessed with the magic of Shondaland and its creator, Shonda Rhimes. Shonda has entertained us, dragged our souls through emotional hell, and engaged us for over 12 years with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How to Get Away with Murder. I for one am a huge fan of all of her shows; however, I never knew much about Shonda or how she became so good at developing these creative shows with women at the helm.

When I heard that Shonda was writing a book, I knew I had to have it. I had a gut feeling that it was going to be just as phenomenal as her other masterpieces, and I was correct. Year of YES is exactly that. Shonda tells us about herself in a creative, lesson filled, and motivational 18-month journey. I always try to keep the mentality of trying new things; however, Shonda has inspired me to try even more than I am already willing. Even though, I could not relate to all of her life experiences, the overarching themes and lessons apply to anyone.

If anyone is looking for an amazing book to read this Holiday Season, I definitely recommend Year of YES!

My Favorite Blogs/Newsletters

So, a trend that I’ve noticed is celebrities having blogs or newsletters. I appreciate this because I may not like them as a professional actor/director/producer, but I love the content they write about or share with the world. Everything they share educates readers to some degree, and I truly believe that learning never ends. No matter what you’re learning, its still new knowledge. My four favorite blogs/newsletters are The Lo Down, Lenny, HelloGiggles, and the Skimm.

Another factor that these media outlets share is that they are all run and created by women. I’m so glad that women are taking the time to create meaningful stories, sharing important pieces of advice, and educating others. I think that it’s very important that this trend continues, and everyone should read and subscribe to these amazing sources. Read On!

Rom Com Gold


I realize that this post is a little late (I was still trying to figure out the kinks in my blog), but Sleeping with Other People is possibly one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in awhile. The writing is witty and the acting is on point. I actually could feel what they were feeling, and I wanted to keep watching. One of the things that I really enjoyed was that it wasn’t sappy; I know some romcoms tend to get sappy through out the duration of the movie. In addition, I appreciated that this movie did not drag on like some movies do; I think it was the perfect length. If you’re looking for a solid laugh, great acting, and an entertaining plot, I definitely recommend that you see Sleeping with Other People (in whatever mode of movie watching you prefer).

A Riveting Cover of 1989


Its been a little over a year since I can definitively say that I became a Swifty. Up until Taylor Swift’s Album 1989, I had no desire to listen to any of her music. However, once I heard “Shake It Off” on the radio, I was initiated into the Swifty club. I knew that I had to buy 1989 immediately. Over the past year, I have listened to 1989 endlessly, and I saw Taylor at one of her Los Angeles shows. Due to this instant obsession with 1989, once I heard that Ryan Adams was going to cover every single song on 1989, I immediately searched for it.

Ryan Adams’ version of 1989 is mellow, raw, and incredibly beautiful. I read somewhere that he decided to cover all of the songs from 1989 after his break up with Mandy Moore. You can definitely feel how he was feeling when he rewrote this album. I love both versions of 1989, but if you’re looking for a more mellow and pensive version to listen to, I recommend Ryan Adams’ version.

Entertainment to My Ears


Recently I discovered a great podcast by the one and only, Lo Bosworth. Yes, this is Lo from Laguna Beach and The Hills. I love her blog, and when I saw that she started a podcast I had to listen to it. The podcast is called Lady Lovin.’  Lo and two friends, Jilly and Greta, discuss topics ranging from boys and condoms to exercise and weddings. It’s super funny and totally worth a listen. Seriously, if you want 45mins to an hour of entertainment listen to this great podcast.


Hello world. Aren’t we glad that it’s finally Friday? So ready for the weekend, who is with me? Probably everyone on the planet, honestly.