My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts

I love learning and podcasts are one of my favorite ways to educate myself and grow. I love how accessible they are and that you can multitask while listening to them. There’s such a variety in topics and goals of podcasts. These are my 10 favorite podcasts: Girlboss Radio This is probably one of my […]

2017 Goals: February Update

So I realize this is a bit late- more like half a month (whoops!), but here are my 2017 Goals update for the month of February: *Goal 1: Exercise more and get better at Cardio In the month of February, I exercised 12 times! This is by far the most I have ever exercised in […]


Within the past year, I have started to enjoy all of the unique TV shows that exist due to streaming. One of my absolute favorite TV shows that is only available via Amazon is Transparent. The show is loosely based off the Director, Jill Soloway’s experience with a parent coming out as Trans. The show […]


One of my favorite things is going to musicals, and last December I was lucky enough to see If/Then on Broadway. I have always been a huge fan of Idina Menzel, so when I finally had the opportunity to see her on Broadway I had to go. This December, If/Then came to Los Angeles with […]

Year of YES

Many of us know and are obsessed with the magic of Shondaland and its creator, Shonda Rhimes. Shonda has entertained us, dragged our souls through emotional hell, and engaged us for over 12 years with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How to Get Away with Murder. I for one am a huge fan of […]

My Favorite Blogs/Newsletters

So, a trend that I’ve noticed is celebrities having blogs or newsletters. I appreciate this because I may not like them as a professional actor/director/producer, but I love the content they write about or share with the world. Everything they share educates readers to some degree, and I truly believe that learning never ends. No […]

Rom Com Gold

I realize that this post is a little late (I was still trying to figure out the kinks in my blog), but Sleeping with Other People is possibly one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in awhile. The writing is witty and the acting is on point. I actually could feel what they were […]

A Riveting Cover of 1989

Its been a little over a year since I can definitively say that I became a Swifty. Up until Taylor Swift’s Album 1989, I had no desire to listen to any of her music. However, once I heard “Shake It Off” on the radio, I was initiated into the Swifty club. I knew that I […]

Entertainment to My Ears

Recently I discovered a great podcast by the one and only, Lo Bosworth. Yes, this is Lo from Laguna Beach and The Hills. I love her blog, and when I saw that she started a podcast I had to listen to it. The podcast is called Lady Lovin.’  Lo and two friends, Jilly and Greta, […]