I LOVE Coffee


I named my blog But First Café, because I have a serious obsession with coffee. I love all types, flavors, and ways of making coffee. This week I saw a BuzzFeed post about the best memes related to coffee, and they are all super accurate. For everyone with a coffee addiction like mine, enjoy!

Happy 10th Birthday to the Hills!


Today is the 10th Birthday of the only reality TV show that I like, The Hills. The Hills marked a change in TV, and created the genre called Reality TV. Since it was the first reality TV show, it was probably the most real at the beginning. There have been numerous BuzzFeed posts about The Hills, and this one is by far my favorite because it shows how real the Hills was at one point. The protagonist and my favorite person on the Hills, Lauren Conrad, has made quite a career for herself since leaving the show. This Levo post discusses some of her biggest accomplishments. But really, thank you MTV for developing the Hills and Happy 10th Birthday to the Hills!

What Being a Coffee Addict is Like According to BuzzFeed

This is a great BuzzFeed post about the symptoms coffee addicts experience! Enjoy some coffee humor 🙂



Twenty Something Hump Day Thoughts

We all know that hump day is the worst day of the week. Seriously, smack dab in the middle of the week, and there’s still two more days until the weekend. Today BuzzFeed, posted a great series of GIFS that accurately describe the 20 something experience. So here’s some hump day entertainment!


Accurate Statements About Being a Therapist

As a professional in the helping field, there are many assumptions people have about therapists. Recently, BuzzFeed posted a great list of things therapists are not, and it is completely accurate. So, if you’re interested in learning about the misconceptions of therapists, enjoy.




Awesome BuzzFeed Video on Birth Control

This is an awesome video that BuzzFeed made about Birth Control, and proves my theory that men should not be responsible for a woman’s reproductive health.