Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas

Since it’s the Holiday Season, and people are trying to finish up their last-minute holiday shopping, I thought I would share some of my favorite items to give as gifts.

For the Person Who Love Art…


One of my favorite stores in Chicago is Ignite. It is a glass blowing center, and they have a store that sells ornaments, bowls, vases, bottle stoppers, and much more. Everything is handmade at the facility, and looks beautiful! Some of my favorite ornaments are the candy canes and the icicles.

If you’re the type of person who would rather give the gift of a memory, then a tangible item, then Ignite also offers different glass blowing classes!


For the Person Who Loves Personalized or Patterned Items…

I love to design and personalize gifts, but my talent for making homemade gifts is non existent. I like to create personalized gifts for people on May Designs. They sell super cute notebooks, calendars, stationary, desk accessories, and so much more for a great price! I’m a huge fan of the notebooks, and when you first go to their website they give you 15% off your first order for entering your email address. Now who doesn’t love cute and affordable gifts?!



For the Person Who Lives Far Away…

For the people who live out of state, I think that giving something compact and that is a favorite of yours is always nice. One of my favorite things to give people is chocolates, but not just any chocolates, I get people Frango chocolates. Most people haven’t heard of them, but they used to be made in Marshall Fields (now Macy’s). To me they remind me of home, Chicago, and are delicious. I like to write a nice long card with a box of Frango chocolates, because everyone deserves a sweet gift!


I hope my gift ideas help ya’ll! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hot Chocolate Hunt

This winter I have been on the hunt for unique and delicious hot chocolate around the country. Even though I only found stellar hot chocolate in two cities, I am super interested in receiving recommendations for more hot chocolate travel destinations.

While I was in Chicago for about a month, I rediscovered an old favorite, hot chocolate at Walker Brothers Pancake House. While I am sure it isn’t anything super unique, it always is delicious and makes me feel like I’m home.

Walker Bros


My next destination in Chicago, was Cocoa + Co. I discovered this super cute café in Old Town on a cold winter day. While I was there, I got the Mocha X’Tasy, which was a great blend of chocolate, caramel, and sea salt. There was a rich chocolate flavor, and the other flavors mixed perfectly. I highly recommend this shop if you are looking for a cute café in Chicago.

Cocoa + Co


Finally, when I got back to Los Angeles, I stumbled upon Choco Vivo. It was a very unique experience because there are so many different types of chocolate, blends, and intensities. I loved the drink that I developed, and I definitely need to go back to try more varieties. If you’re in Los Angeles and craving hot chocolate, this is definitely a place you need to venture to.

Choco Vivo

If you have any recommendations, please share them with me and I will do my best to try them. I love traveling and being able to try new things!