Make Herstory

In the past week, we made history by voting for Hillary Clinton. She finally became the first woman to win a party nomination. Until recently, I was never a Hillary Clinton fan. As a fellow Hilary/Hillary, I have gotten endless jokes related to her since I can remember. Due to the endless joking, I sincerely […]

Why Social Workers Should be in Politics

While I was in graduate school basically all of my classmates hated the policy courses we had to take. However, a lot of the areas they wanted to work in depend on federal policies. Recently, the University of Southern California School of Social Work published this article about 6 Issues Social Workers Should Consider this […]


Friday night I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the documentary, Trapped. The movie focuses on access to abortions in the Southern states, mainly Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. As someone who has always lived in urban settings and in blue states, I was shocked at some of the laws different states have been […]

6 LEVO Lessons

One of my favorite companies for professional development tips is LEVO. The site allows you to create a profile, a bit like LinkedIn, but brighter, organized differently, and more interactive. They also publish a variety of articles and inspirational quotes, host webinars, and have downloadable guides all related to professional development. Here are my 6 […]

Happy 10th Birthday Devil Wears Prada!

One of my favorite movies of all time, Devil Wears Prada, turned 10 today! In honor of its birthday, Levo published an article about career lessons we can learn from the movie. Personally, I think they are all important ones, and I wanted to share the wisdom with you!    

One Step Forward for Women

As we all know, an unfortunate part of some women’s college experience includes sexual assault. In 2015, a list of universities was published that failed to deal with sexual assaults on campus appropriately. Yesterday, a huge step forward was made for women who are victims of sexual assault. This article and video should be a […]

Reese Witherspoon

Earlier this week, Glamour hosted their Women of the Year Awards. Reese Witherspoon won an award for creating more roles for strong women in film, and of course, she gave an amazing speech. Reese talked about everything from her motivation, determination, ambition, to what inspired her to create her production company, and why women need […]