We’ve all heard the comments DT has made about Hillary Clinton playing the woman card. Well women are responding, and these tweets HelloGiggles compiled are hilarious. Enjoy!



Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend a free screening of Tumbledown. It was a super fun experience, filled with free popcorn and candy. The movie is about a woman whose husband died, and a fan/researcher wants to write a book about him and other famous musicians. Another main character is the state of Maine, specifically the views and the people. These three characters allow for an intimate and dynamic relationship to develop. After the screening, there was a Q & A with the Director and the writer. It was very interesting to hear about the creative process, and the steps they had to go through to get the film made and publicized.

If you’re looking for a quirky indie film to watch, this is definitely a good one. Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis do an excellent job in this film, and really suck you into the experience with them.

Also, shout out to HelloGiggles for hosting the screening!


My Favorite Blogs/Newsletters

So, a trend that I’ve noticed is celebrities having blogs or newsletters. I appreciate this because I may not like them as a professional actor/director/producer, but I love the content they write about or share with the world. Everything they share educates readers to some degree, and I truly believe that learning never ends. No matter what you’re learning, its still new knowledge. My four favorite blogs/newsletters are The Lo Down, Lenny, HelloGiggles, and the Skimm.

Another factor that these media outlets share is that they are all run and created by women. I’m so glad that women are taking the time to create meaningful stories, sharing important pieces of advice, and educating others. I think that it’s very important that this trend continues, and everyone should read and subscribe to these amazing sources. Read On!