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Hillary Glass Ceiling

In the past week, we made history by voting for Hillary Clinton. She finally became the first woman to win a party nomination. Until recently, I was never a Hillary Clinton fan. As a fellow Hilary/Hillary, I have gotten endless jokes related to her since I can remember. Due to the endless joking, I sincerely hated sharing my name with her because it’s annoying. However, once the candidates for each party became clearer, I became incredibly scared of the Republican Party and the views the candidates had. Then I looked at the Democratic Party, and while I loved a lot of the ideas Bernie Sanders has, I just didn’t think they were feasible in this political climate. This left me with Hillary Clinton, a strong female candidate with a variety of experience in politics and serving others. I was faced with a 20-year-old battle, between my years of jokes and people spelling my name wrong or voting for the best candidate in my opinion. I picked the second option, and while the jokes have gotten increasingly worse this political season, I am proud to say #ImWithHer. Also, today Oprah endorsed Hillary Clinton, and it’s awesome to see other powerful women supporting each other.  I am so excited to have the possibility of a woman president, and I really hope it happens.

Here’s a speech Hillary gave at her college graduation, she was the first ever student speaker. You can already tell that she was going to be an amazing leader in the future!




Friday night I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the documentary, Trapped. The movie focuses on access to abortions in the Southern states, mainly Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. As someone who has always lived in urban settings and in blue states, I was shocked at some of the laws different states have been implementing to make it nearly impossible for abortion clinics to stay open. The stories about some of the clients at these clinics broke my heart, and they also angered me. Most of the laws in these states were presented and written by men, so men want to control a woman’s right to make choices about her own body. I honestly think that if more men got to experience life as a woman, they would realize how dumb this is. By forcing clinics to close, the government is continuing the cycle of systemic poverty for women and their children. This alone can increase the amount of aid states provide to qualified impoverished residents. In Alabama, they keep passing different trap laws, which make it more difficult for abortion clinics to stay open. We were lucky enough to have one of the owners, June, at the conference Friday. If you’re at all interested in women’s rights and reproductive health, I strongly recommend Trapped.





IMG_1756Well it’s a Sunday night, and I can’t sleep. This week at work is going to be busy, and I definitely am feeling the stress already. Recently I’ve become obsessed with Levo, and the concise but helpful articles they post. Last week they posted an article about 12 Apps That Will Help Calm Your Anxiety, and from what I’ve tried they work. I previously downloaded the Calm app, but deleted it for some unknown reason. The Levo article helped me stumble upon it again, and I tried the three-minute meditation and it calmed me down at work.  If any of you have tried the other apps, please let me know!




Happy 10th Birthday Devil Wears Prada!

One of my favorite movies of all time, Devil Wears Prada, turned 10 today! In honor of its birthday, Levo published an article about career lessons we can learn from the movie. Personally, I think they are all important ones, and I wanted to share the wisdom with you!



One Step Forward for Women

As we all know, an unfortunate part of some women’s college experience includes sexual assault. In 2015, a list of universities was published that failed to deal with sexual assaults on campus appropriately. Yesterday, a huge step forward was made for women who are victims of sexual assault. This article and video should be a lesson for everyone, demonstrating the importance of handling rape cases appropriately. I hope that people and universities start handling these cases better, and learn from this settlement and movie.





One of my favorite things is going to musicals, and last December I was lucky enough to see If/Then on Broadway. I have always been a huge fan of Idina Menzel, so when I finally had the opportunity to see her on Broadway I had to go. This December, If/Then came to Los Angeles with Idina Menzel and four of the original cast members. This musical can resonate with people of all ages; it touches on so many different issues and just the thought of “what if?” I know that as someone in their twenties, I cannot relate to some of the things in the show. But the part of the show that always hits me is the “what if?” because it is honestly one of the biggest questions any twentysomething will have. I enjoy watching and listening to how the characters deal with this perplexing thought, and seeing the outcomes of the parallel storylines. Besides the plot and Idina, the entire cast is amazing and the music is catchy and relatable. I highly recommend this musical!

Year of YES


Many of us know and are obsessed with the magic of Shondaland and its creator, Shonda Rhimes. Shonda has entertained us, dragged our souls through emotional hell, and engaged us for over 12 years with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, and How to Get Away with Murder. I for one am a huge fan of all of her shows; however, I never knew much about Shonda or how she became so good at developing these creative shows with women at the helm.

When I heard that Shonda was writing a book, I knew I had to have it. I had a gut feeling that it was going to be just as phenomenal as her other masterpieces, and I was correct. Year of YES is exactly that. Shonda tells us about herself in a creative, lesson filled, and motivational 18-month journey. I always try to keep the mentality of trying new things; however, Shonda has inspired me to try even more than I am already willing. Even though, I could not relate to all of her life experiences, the overarching themes and lessons apply to anyone.

If anyone is looking for an amazing book to read this Holiday Season, I definitely recommend Year of YES!