The Year of Me

The Year of Me

Not only have I decided that I need to work on myself personally, financially, and health wise, but I also need to work on myself professionally. Over the past two years I have spent a lot of time applying to over 200 jobs that I could definitely excel at if given the opportunity. I decided that in 2017 I would stop moping around, but I would actually take action. I have signed up for three classes through Udemy: 1) The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0; 2) Microsoft Excel- Excel from Beginner to Advanced; 3) SPSS Statistics Foundation Course: From Scratch to Advanced. I picked these three courses out because I wanted to learn something new, but important or I wanted to strengthen skills I already have. Now I know some of you are wondering, why is a Macro Social Worker learning technical skills? The answer is, well a lot of macro social work jobs I applied to or read wanted some technical skill I didn’t possess, so I’ve decided to change that and I’m going to learn new things.

I also decided to attend a program through Social Brand School to learn more about Instagram, and how to monetize it. My main goals for this are to figure out how to use Instagram to draw readers to my blog, and how I can use Instagram with a non-profit I do some work for.

Some other online resources I’ve looked at to learn new skills are Skillcrush, General Assembly, and Google Analytics. I decided not to do these courses, because I don’t have enough time to dedicate to them; however, I’m still interested in completing them in the future. Once I finish my four classes, I promise to tell you about my experiences with online learning platforms and what I think of them. Happy learning everyone!

Bicoastal Besties


One of the realizations that I have had since I graduated college, is that I am not near any of my best best friends. All of them are scattered all over the east coast and I am on the west coast. This makes being best friends incredibly difficult, because you cannot get together all of the time like you could at home or in college. So the question is, how do you maintain the status of best friends with people you do not see all of the time like you did before?

I think one thing that alleviates some of the issues with not being together all of the time is technology. As technology has developed, it has made it easier to stay in constant communication with your friends. You can text, FaceTime, Skype, oovoo, call, conference call, tweet things at them, post on their walls, use Whatsapp when you are out of the country, post pictures on Instagram, and so many other options. All of these options provide ways to contact your friends and show that you are still thinking of them, even though you are not in the same vicinity.

Something else I try to do is visit people once a year. This is an expensive option, but with the right flight deal and knowing that you can crash at their apartment, it definitely is worth the extra effort and cost. For me, knowing that I am going to have a weekend exactly like we were never apart is worth it. I sometimes am lonely because I do not have access to any of my best friends in driving or walking distance, and all of these methods make it easier on me.

If you have a bicoastal besties situation, let me know how you cope with it!