As a college student, I always remember wishing for a longer Thanksgiving break. I was an out of state student, and coming home for like 4 or 5 days before returning to school for finals was always super hectic and stressful. This past week it was announced that the University of Delaware, my alma mater, will give students a nine day Thanksgiving break. They are hoping that with a longer break, students will be reenergized, relaxed, and less anxious about finals. In addition, professors will be able to catch up on grading and allow them to prepare for finals. The University of Delaware is joining Yale, the University of Vermont, the University of Illinois, and others who have extended Thanksgiving Breaks. I am definitely proud of UD, and this initiative to address issues students face around this time in the semester.

One of My True Loves

Fun fact about me, I am a University of Delaware graduate. One of the organizations I was most involved with at UD was UDance. This is the University of Delaware’s dance marathon. All of the money that UDance raises goes to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation (B+ Foundation). The B+ Foundation financially supports families that have a child or children with cancer, and provides money to fund promising childhood cancer research. So, cheers to UDance 2016 and here is the promo video: